Celebrating Social Work Month

March was Social Work Month, and this year’s theme is closely aligned with our work and mission: “Social Work Breaks Barriers That Prevent People and Communities from Thriving.”   

“We want to make sure all at ECS know the many ways in which the professional and skills and values of social work show up daily in our programs and services and practices at ECS, but most importantly, in how we work hard to exemplify the best of social work in how we approach our work, in collaboration with others, to achieve greater impact,” said Lindsay Albright, COO at ECS. 

In honor of Social Work Month, staff attended a culminating luncheon and wellbeing session on Monday, March 27 to celebrate and honor the legacy of social work at ECS. It was a great opportunity to acknowledge all current ECS staff, interns and current board members, who have professional social work degrees and/or who are performing in roles and with skills and training that honor different aspects of the social work field.  

At ECS, we know that social work values and practice can never be described in one month, but we acknowledge and celebrate all social workers, and we continue to break barriers that prevent communities from thriving.