Economic Mobility Month Series: Put in the Work, Transform Your Life

This Economic Mobility Month, ECS is meditating on the ways community members and participants use our programs and resources to better their lives. This installment highlights the work of Janira, who collaborated with coaches from the ECS MindSet program to learn more about financial management. 

Janira came into the MindSet program 4 years ago with the goal of creating financial stability for her and her son. She was working as a bartender in North Philadelphia neighborhood when she discovered ECS. Bartending was no longer serving Janira’s needs, as she wanted to be with her son before and after school. She needed a more stable job with a predictable schedule that would allow her to support her son. 

ECS’ MindSet program uses a coaching model to engage participants in a process to design and achieve goals in various areas of their lives. For Janira, the process began with learning what was possible. She knew that she wanted a new job, but she didn’t know how to get there. ECS coaches helped her to identify a path that would eventually lead her to becoming a Special Education Assistant with the School District of Philadelphia. This proved to be a perfect match that would allow her to be with her son each day.  

Once she secured a new job, Janira strategized her next steps. She wanted a home in a neighborhood where her son could explore new opportunities. She needed to learn about finances and homeownership. 

“I knew nothing about credit and had never even opened a credit card. ECS not only helped me learn, but also supported me in creating healthy financial habits. Now my credit score is almost 800!” - Janira 

Janira is currently earning her First-time Homebuyer Certificate and saving for a down payment on a new home. She will graduate with her associate degree in May of 2024 and makes sure that her son understands the value of education. She recommends that anyone going through the MindSet program put in the work to fully use the resources that ECS provides to transform their lives.