Economic Mobility Month Series: Take Care of Your Body and Your Mind

Economic Mobility Month is a time to reflect and share the ways community members and participants use ECS programs and resources to better their lives. This installment in our celebration of Economic Mobility Month highlights the impact of ECS’ Health and Wellness programming through the eyes of Wanda.  

Wanda is a passionate advocate for healthy habits in her community. She is a long time West Philadelphia resident, originally from West Virginia. Her first interaction with ECS was at  our annual Fall Fest in 2022, where she learned about a special program where seniors could learn how to prepare healthier foods.  

For Wanda, ECS is about having a space to explore what it means to be well. For many years, she would walk more than 6 miles a day with friends and family. When life started to get in the way, she found that fewer people would join her, and she would be less likely to exercise. That is when she found an exercise class at ECS that brought people together with the goal of getting healthier and stronger.  

This passion for health comes from realizing that many people in her community lacked the knowledge and skill to make informed decisions about wellness. Wanda credits ECS with providing her with resources to learn about nutrition and exercise. She defines wellness as an ongoing process of taking care of your body and your mind.  

“Watching what you eat, going to your doctors’ appointments, making sure that you are in good physical condition.” - Ms. Wanda 

Her advice to new participants? Take full advantage of every opportunity to grow your understanding and do not be afraid to make a positive change for yourself. It may seem like you are the only one on the journey to being well, but places like ECS are here to remind you that you can do it. And we can do it together.