ECS and PEA Renew Partnership Contract

ECS is excited to announce that we have renewed our contract with the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA). This landmark partnership expands the support of a suite of programs and initiatives which train unemployed and underemployed people in the energy field. The Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) provides job training while ECS’ MindSet program serves as the cornerstone of the program, providing a holistic approach to economic mobility for participants. 

PEA, ECA and ECS collaborate to equip participants with the skills to set and achieve financial, social, and personal goals. At the end of their time in the ECA training program, participants walk away with 5 certifications in the energy sector and the opportunity to enter a professional role. They are automatically eligible to continue their MindSet journey with ECS well beyond the job training program, to ensure a smooth transition into gainful employment. 

This contract renewal between PEA, ECA and ECS is another step in the direction of eliminating intergenerational poverty by honoring the dignity of the whole person.