ECS awarded $75,000 grant to support expansion of services

With the support of Senator Hughes, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has awarded a $75,000 grant to Episcopal Community Services to support post-pandemic expansion of services and workshops at St. Barnabas Community Resource Center (SBCRC) that will address the human services needs of the community of the Carroll Park/Haddington neighborhoods as identified in a 2021 community needs assessment. 

The grant funds will be used towards Mental/Behavioral Health services at SBCRC, workshops provided by ECS’ five subject specialists and community partners, and a community development feasibility study.

While speaking of the grant, Soneyet Muhammad, Chief of Programs, said, “What makes this even more enriching and powerful is this is exactly the type of work that we’ve learned communities wanted in this center from our 2021 Community Needs Assessment…we’re here, we’re investing, and with legislative support, we’ll continue to enrich the services that are needed so that people can be stabilized and invest in their mental health.”

Learn more about the grant here: