ECS Celebrates The Work of Our Participants in the Housing Program

Dignity is one of the core values at ECS, and we believe everyone should have access to a place to call home. ECS celebrates the success of Ms. AF (abbreviated for anonymity), one of our participants in the Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) program.  

Ms. AF began her time with ECS in December 2022 with a stated goal of maintaining her education, childcare, and housing. In January 2023, she welcomed a third child into her family and took time to tend to herself and the wellbeing of her children. Shortly thereafter, Ms. AF returned to the workforce in her full-time position as a server. Ms. AF continued to work on her bachelor’s degree during this time. She achieved outstanding academic performance and even joined the school’s track team.  

During her tenancy, Ms. AF experienced a benefits cliff; a phenomenon in the social services sector in which an individual faces a sudden reduction in government assistance when their income crosses a specific threshold. The benefits cliff is an ECS Advocacy Lead issue, and we continue to work with our participants and partners on new ways to navigate it. Ms. AF overcame her benefits cliff through financial management and planning. She was able to pay essential bills on time and save money pursuing her long-term goals. 

In January 2024, Permanent Supportive housing offered Ms. AF a housing opportunity wherein she could choose her own unit in her preferred neighborhood. She will receive a longer rental subsidy and consistent case management. Ms. AF's new unit recently passed the inspection phase, and she and her children will be moving in! We are incredibly excited for Ms. AF and her family and cannot wait to hear about all the amazing things she will accomplish as she continues to work on her bachelor's degree.