ECS Forms Advisory Council to Better Serve Communities

At ECS, we know the value of listening to the community. We accomplish more together through collaborative and inclusive relationships, and our programs and advocacy efforts are strengthened by the ideas and perspectives of our participants, staff, board of trustees, peer agencies, stakeholders and partners.

That’s why we called upon community members to join our St. Barnabas Community Advisory Council. This newly-formed group is made up of experts who share in our mission and are committed to helping us enhance our services and ultimately better serve the community through programs at Saint Barnabas Community Resource Center (SBCRC).

“Members of our council are experts in their fields professionally and have a stake in the West Philadelphia community,” said Rhena McClain, Director of SBCRC. The center is home to many assets – an industrial kitchen and dining room, food pantry, behavioral health clinic, playground and space for ECS services like counseling, rapid re-housing, legal aid and more.

New Community Advisory Council member Shanay Rowe said, “I am excited because of the work being done at Saint Barnabas right now – maintaining dignity while providing much-needed services. This is very near and dear to my heart. So I’m excited to really get out there and partner with [ECS], which is not only speaking about the work but hitting the ground running and doing the work.”

Michael Robinson, another new council member, shared similar enthusiasm. “As someone who has experienced poverty and experienced a middle-class lifestyle, I understand that folks in the neighborhood need access to quality services so that they can experience transformation in their lives,” he said. 

Watch the video below!

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