ECS letter campaign to end gun violence

The ECS Inclusion & Advocacy team, in collaboration with the ECS Chaplain, recently hosted a letter writing campaign focused on supporting legislation to reduce gun violence in the city of Philadelphia and beyond. ECS partnered with Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence, an organization dedicated to eliminating gun violence through social and political action.  

The event began with remarks from activists and political figures who are at the forefront of the fight against gun violence. These speakers reflected on the current state of gun legislation reform both locally and nationally. Noting previous successes achieved by anti-gun violence advocates, State Senator Art Haywood issued a challenge to continue the work to reform access to illegal firearms in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Founder and Executive Director of Heeding God’s Call, Bryan Miller, spoke out against the pattern of local gun shops distributing unregistered weapons in and around the city of Philadelphia. 

The organizers gave letters to participants which detailed support for several bills in the Pennsylvania legislature and U.S. Congress. These bills seek to challenge gun violence by addressing and restricting the accessibility of weapons such as high-capacity semiautomatic/automatic firearms and ghost guns. Participants received five letters; one for each of their respective representatives in the state and federal legislature. 

Special Guests 

State Senator Art Haywood 

Mr. Bryan Miller, Founder and Executive Director, Heeding God’s Call  

The Rev. Diane Faison, Deacon, Episcopal Diocese of PA 

John Chu, Esq., Pres, ECS Board of Trustees 

Kurt Brunner, CFA, member, ECS Board of Trustees, Chair, ECS Board Advocacy Committee  

Angelica Sanders, staff, State Rep. Morgan Cephas’ office 

Crystal Tann, staff, Councilman Curtis Jones’ office 

Ray Jones, staff, State Senator Vincent Hughes’ Office