Join our Community Advisory Council!

Are you looking for an opportunity to engage with your community?  ECS is currently looking for community members, leaders and stakeholders to join the St. Barnabas Community Advisory Council.  Council members will support initiatives that increase the awareness of the community’s needs and help inform the efficacy of programs and services offered through St. Barnabas Community Resource Center (SBCRC)

Primary Functions of the SBCRC Advisory Council 

A key function of community advisory council members is community engagement.  Council members will support ECS’ initiatives to engage community members in efforts to understand the community’s needs and inform the efficacy of programs and services offered through SBCRC.   Council members will serve as trusted advisors for ECS’ St. Barnabas Mission Community Resource Center, located at 6006 West Girard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19151.  In addition, Council members may be invited to speak on legislation and policy issues on community’s behalf and to advance our Advocacy platform.  

Member Qualifications 

Ideal candidates will be familiar with ECS’ mission, vision, values, principles and the programs and services used to support upward economic mobility.  Successful candidates will have a history of positive community engagement or experience in one of the five areas identified as crucial for economic growth.  Strong communication skills, the ability to cultivate interpersonal and organizational relationships, and diplomacy are also required.  In addition, council members must possess personal qualities that include integrity, inclusiveness, credibility and a desire to improve the lives of those managing poverty.   

Time Commitment/Compensation  

The Advisory Council will meet a minimum of 2 hours each month and should expect to spend up to 5 hours per month conducting council business.  This is not a paid position, however, ECS identified resources to remove participation barriers to support the engagement of selected Council members. 

Member Duties and Responsibilities  

-   Understand and demonstrate a commitment to Episcopal Community Services’ mission, vision, values, programs 

-   Fully engage in Council activities by contributing knowledge and skill to its work and activities.      

-   Attend monthly community advisory council meetings 

-   Evaluate programs and services to provide candid, honest and constructive feedback 

-   Participate in the development and deployment of community engagement opportunities and events  

-   Avoid potential and actual conflicts of interest 

-   Serve as active advocates and ambassadors for the SBCRC 

-   Identify and support possible funding opportunities  


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