I'm Jessica Main, Director of The ECS Fund. Starting out as a social work intern at ECS back in 2012, I have loved being part of an organization that makes meaningful change!

ECS is part of a rich history of service, advocacy, and educational opportunities that continues to enrich lives and empower people in Philadelphia.

I was hired to build relationships with area employers in our Workforce Development Department, then switched gears to building relationships with donors, as I oversee annual giving. As an ECS supporter, you share in our mission, our compassion, and our success!

The work we're able to do through our programmatic work with MindSet one-on-one career coaching program, the new St. Barnabas Community Resource Center, and K-12 enrichment programs like Out of School Time; and through our advocacy work  taking a public stand on the systems of oppression and oppressive policies that prevent our participants from achieving success — is all thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Giving at any level you're able ensures that ECS can continue to help individuals and families envision a positive future and follow their own paths to get there. We meet needs with our services and work to eliminate systemic obstacles to success.

While my 10 years here have flown by, I can't help but think I'm just getting started. ECS has been around for 150 years, and I believe it's just getting started, too! There is so much potential to expand the resources we're offering to help more neighbors in our community.

I know there are many worthy causes to support, but I'll sum up why you should invest in ECS in one word: IMPACT!

85% of participants feel as though ECS programs have changed their lives.

Please make a donation to Episcopal Community Services today!

ECS makes a real difference. You can help power the next 10 years of changing lives in our community.


Thank you!

Jessica Main, MSW, LSW
Director of The ECS Fund