ECS Voices: Erika, MindSet Participant

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An Entrepreneur in the Making

Empowering participants through one-on-one coaching and professional guidance, MindSet helps participants achieve financial stability. Learn what brought Erika to ECS and what she’s accomplished alongside her coach.

“Wow! A lot has changed for the better since joining Mindset. I came to ECS through the Mindset program. I was interested in the program because I was seeking more support and guidance to help me achieve my goals. I am hoping to obtain my bachelor’s degree, seeking to continue to improve my finances to become more financially stable, and hoping to accomplish starting my first business by my completion of the program.

MindSet helped me figure out my next steps, make a plan, and go for it. A short-term goal of mine that will help me achieve my long-term goal is by staying on top of my degree completion plan. Every semester, I review the classes remaining that I have to take to be on track to graduation. I even plan on taking a course in the summer to get it done sooner.

I am doing this for myself. I shifted my thought patterns about money and began to invest my money for the future not just to save. I also was able to enroll back into college with the determination to finish. I’ve also had the opportunity to build my relationship-building skillset, which is truly important as I progress. And my coach is cool. We talk through the things that I want to achieve instead of what he thinks is best for me.

"It’s nice to be held accountable for things to keep you on track but at your own pace."