Reclaiming the Outdoors: Recap of Our April Community Dinner

ECS’ 4th Community Dinner at St. Barnabas Community Resource Center was a heartwarming event that brought together community members, North Philadelphia Peace Park, and special guests Ona McGovern and Trina Dow from the Neighborhood Land Power Project.

The theme of the evening, "Reclaiming the Outdoors," inspired engaging conversations and personal reflections on the importance of nature in our lives.

Guests shared nostalgic memories of honeysuckles in bloom and the simple joy of walking barefoot in the park, highlighting nature's profound impact on community health and wellness. The event emphasized the need to preserve and protect natural spaces while promoting education and awareness about their benefits.

The evening concluded with a moment of collective commitment, as attendees, united in their passion for a nature-integrated community, pledged to work together to ensure the accessibility of outdoor spaces for all.

This shared commitment lays a strong foundation for future projects and initiatives aimed at reclaiming the outdoors.

For more information about The Neighborhood Land Power Project and North Philly Peace Park, visit their websites:

The Neighborhood Land Power Project | North Philly Peace Park 

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