Set Goals ad Achieve Self-Sufficiency with Mindset

Help ECS spread the word about our MindSet program, now recruiting applicants for the January 2022 cohort. Do you know someone with a low-skill, low-paying job – someone who is seeking greater success in their work? This free program offered by Episcopal Community Services may be just the experience for them!

Using a long-term approach, MindSet helps individuals set goals, develop skills, and achieve self-sufficiency. Participants will create their own customized curriculum and receive cash incentives for finishing activities as well as a 2-to-1 cash match on the money they save within a designated bank account.

Three recent MindSet participants, Stefen, Meeka, and Leslie, share their stories here. They credit the MindSet program with helping them achieve dreams they never thought were possible.

“I’ve learned tools and I’ve been around people who want to take action,” says Leslie Bullock.

Unlike other programs, MindSet provides training, individualized coaching, and mentorship in five core areas:

· Health and Wellness

· Employment

· Education

· Financial Management

· Family Stability

Learn more about MindSet here. We are accepting applications through Tuesday, November 30, 2021 for the January 2022 cohort.