The Greatest Moments of Joy

April was Stress-Awareness Month, and throughout I often thought of the things that are anti-stressors; those things that bring the greatest moments of joy.

While de-stressors often came when I stole myself away for self-care, I found joy most amongst family and friends. And if we see our family and friends as the center of a nested strategy and then expand that, radiating outward, the next circle of care becomes our home and neighboring community.

The pandemic was a time of retreat. We retreated into our homes and our communities shrank or became remote. As we have begun to re-emerge, it is time for re-engagement.

We are once again recognizing what was lost in retreat, and how being in another person’s presence is welcome, even heartwarming. So, let’s seek out our community again, intentionally. We are stronger when touched by the real, vital presence of one another.

A tremendous community opportunity for just that kind of togetherness is on the horizon: On June 1 we will gather with our nested SBCRC community again at this year's Block Party.

Joy is a de-stressor.

Let's enjoy each other, bringing joy and finding joy in these moments.