May we find comfort and support in one another through all of these devastating events.

Where We Stand

In response to the heartbreak, fear, and fury hitting our hearts in the wake of protests and George Floyd’s murder, know that Episcopal Community Services sees you and feels for you.

Amid this crisis, I want to be very clear where ECS stands.

We condemn racism and inequality. We are committed to working for fundamental change in all of our systems that practice racism—both conscious and unconscious.

We affirm that ECS makes every effort for all our employees to be safe at work and free from racism and discrimination. We aspire to make that real in their non-work lives. ECS does not condone any form of racism and/or discrimination towards any of our employees or participants.

We affirm that our core work is to address the root causes of poverty, discrimination, and access to opportunity, which have at their core a history of racism.

We call for justice to be administered fairly and equitably for all in our society.

We acknowledge the need for open and honest dialogue with all of our stakeholders on the issues of racism, inequality, inclusion, and poverty, and we accept the consequences of different opinions and views fearlessly.

We are working to create a space for staff, part- and full-time, to join and be together and talk. Please be on the lookout for email updates of this informal gathering. It is good to be together and know you are not alone in such times. We want to listen and learn and find collective action and identify resources.

May we find comfort and support in one another through all of these devastating events.

We are stronger together, and I thank you for your service.

Be safe, be well, and together be strong.

Executive Director + Head Coach