Why Advocacy Matters to Me

Through my work with ECS and involvement with the Advocacy Committee, I understand the obstacles our participants face and how we can help them overcome them.


Advocacy is key to the mission and work of ECS. While we provide hands-on help, guidance, and coaching to our participants, ECS is also evaluating policies that are obstacles to success. I’m grateful that ECS is leading the effort to recommend and support those policies that will allow our participants to achieve economic prosperity.   


Becoming better educated and able to take action to move policy forward is a hallmark of the Forum. This year’s program provides an opportunity to gain further insight into the critical issues and the ways we can tackle them.


This year’s virtual Forum on Justice and Opportunity, Monday, October 18 through Friday, October 22, will provide ECS and our guests the chance to hear from thought leaders and experts in the field. These presentations and conversations will help us identify the root causes of poverty and racial inequity and give us concrete, actionable steps to help our participates escape the cycle of poverty.






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