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Reflections From Past Forum Inspires Thought Leadership

I find the annual Forum on Justice & Opportunity extremely valuable because it gives a larger...

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Children & Youth

As the Twig is Bent, So Grows the Tree

When children are inspired from a young age, their motivation extends into adulthood.

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A Space to Heal

Emergency shelter should be more than a collection of beds. At St. Barnabas Mission, families are provided a network of care.

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9 Ways To Celebrate Black History Month This Year

February is Black History Month. Here are a few ways you can celebrate near ECS’ Main Office in historic Society Hill.

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Giving Tuesday: What dreams have you accomplished?

Everybody has dreams for the future. In this season of gratitude, we want you to think back to a dream you accomplished and who encouraged you along the way.

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GET INVOLVED: Christmas Drive

You can provide a gift for our program participants this holiday season!

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Why you should build an emergency savings fund

Have you ever felt like you just can’t catch a break? Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck, working full-time while trying to further your education, or just trying to stay out of debt, life can be a series of never-ending challenges.

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How can coaching help?

A professional, intentional partnership and guide

Mobility Mentoring® is a practice that partners with individuals and families to walk them through the achievement of their goals.

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Why goal setting and incentives?

Setting goals enable people to complete their journeys

No one has been able to achieve their dreams without setting goals. People tend to set goals to obtain or reach a larger objective.

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How do people move up the economic ladder?

Episcopal Community Services looks at the whole person working to thrive in all aspects of life

The Bridge to Prosperity® is an illustrative tool, developed by Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) that is used to guide participants in setting goals and charting their path to economic mobility.

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In line with its focus on economic mobility, Episcopal Community Services supports the concept of a living wage that truly allows for self-sufficiency. Increasing the minimum wage is not enough but can be a step on the way toward achieving a living wage.

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