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ECS Joins Beyond the Cliff Coalition to Eliminate the Benefits Cliff

ECS is announcing our participation in the newly formed Beyond the Cliff Coalition. This Coalition is a first-of-its-kind national collaborative of nonprofits, state and local governments, and collaborative stakeholders focused on helping families achieve economic prosperity and specifically eliminating the Benefits Cliff.

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ECS Voices

The Greatest Moments of Joy

April was Stress-Awareness Month, and throughout I often thought of the things that are anti-stressors; those things that bring the greatest moments of joy.

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Building Community

Reclaiming the Outdoors: Recap of Our April Community Dinner

ECS’ 4th Community Dinner at St. Barnabas Community Resource Center was a heartwarming event that brought together community members, North Philadelphia Peace Park, and special guests Ona McGovern and Trina Dow from the Neighborhood Land Power Project.

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ECS Awarded After-School Education Funding

More than 100 students and their families in Darby will continue to have access to a long-standing after-school education program. ECS has learned it will receive funding to operate the Out of School Time (OST) program at Park Lane Elementary through 2029.

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ECS Approved for $874k Violence Prevention Grant

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency’s (PCCD) School Safety and Security Committee has approved a total of $40 million in Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) grant funding for 64 organizations working to address the epidemic of gun violence. 

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ECS Hosts Third Community Dinner With Special Guest Vashti DuBois

ECS recently hosted the third installment of our Seat at the Table Community Dinner series. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we welcomed special guest Vashti DuBois, Founder and Executive Director of The Colored Girls Museum. DuBois spoke on the importance of recognizing the extraordinary lives led by ordinary Black women and girls.

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ECS Celebrates The Work of Our Participants in the Housing Program

Dignity is one of the core values at ECS, and we believe everyone should have access to a place to call home. ECS celebrates the success of Ms. AF (abbreviated for anonymity), one of our participants in the Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) program.

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: OIC Philadelphia and Rev. Leon Sullivan

In a world often divided by difference and inequality, ECS recognizes the inherent worth of all people. As an organization, we hold to our values of dignity and justice, and like Reverend Leon Sullivan, we aspire to create meaningful opportunities that support the economic development of communities of color. Just this past week, Opportunities Industrialization Centers (OIC) Philadelphia celebrated its 60th anniversary. Their tireless efforts continue to uplift people of color and play a vital role in establishing economic growth and empowerment within their communities.

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Rev. Absalom Jones: First Black Priest of the Episcopal Church, Founder of the African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas & Leader of Justice

Today’s faithful activists stand on the shoulders of the generations before them. One of the pioneers in the movement to end slavery and advance the rights of African Americans was The Most Blessed Rev. Absalom Jones. As you learn of Absalom’s journey, you will experience all that Rev. Jones accomplished in the early battle for civil rights and equality for all.

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